The Portable Dog Tent
The Portable Dog Tent
The Portable Dog Tent
The Portable Dog Tent

The Portable Dog Tent

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The Portable Dog Tent

If you enjoy bringing your dog camping, or simply want to add a light dog shelter to your rucksack for a long hiking trip, a dog tent may be what you need.

Dog tents have a lot of uses. If you are an avid camper, you might already own a tent. At first, it may seem silly to invest in a dog tent just for your four-legged companion.

However, there are plenty of reasons to do so.

First, tents can be a bit snug.

Second, if you are a light sleeper, your dog may keep you up. (With all the new sights, sounds and smells outside the tent – your dog might take time getting themselves settled.)

Third, waking up to let the dog out of the tent can be a hassle.

Leaving the tent flap open will let bugs in so that is not a smart choice either.

By bringing a dog tent, you can get a good night’s sleep while your dog sleeps in his or her own space, with easy access to the outdoors.

Applicable Dog Breed: Small Dogs and even Cats
Material: Oxford/Metal
Size: 24" x 22.75 x 24.75"
Weight: 494g (1lb)

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