Doggie Rugged Hiking Footwear

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Trail hiking is a great way to unwind and enjoy the terrain with your furry friend.

But the trail terrain can be tough on your feet unless you have the right footwear. Doggie Hiking Footwear protects your dog's paws the same way.

These dog boots are rugged for the roughest trails and keeps your furry friend's paws feeling good, soft and healthy from unwanted painful cracking.

Sharp rocks, sticks, beach sand, heat and even hidden broken glass can have an impact on your dog's paws. 

Doggie Hiking footwear comes in 4s with 8 sizes, they are soft and cozy and thick wear-resistant. They are easy to slip on and off too.
Color: Black/Red


1. Place a paper under the front paws. (The front paws are usually bigger than        the back paws.)

2. Outline the paws including nails with a pen.

3. Measure the WIDTH of the front paws against the measurements below.

4. Please measure carefully. 

5. TIP - After measuring width and length and see you are in between sizes go with the next larger size it will be better for your dog.

Size with dog breed example (rough guide only)

XS:Length5.5 Width3.5 cm - toy poodle

S:Length6.0 Width4.0 cm 

M:Length6.2 Width4.5 cm - Maltese

L:Length6.5 Width5.0 cm - Shi-tzu

XL:Length7.0 Width5.7 cm - Beagle

2XL:Length7.5 Width6.4 cm - Border Collie, Labrador

3XL:Length8.0 Width7.0 cm - German Shepard

4XL:Length8.5 Width7.5 cm - Rotty

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